LaCucinaAlessi by Valcucine and Alessi is a new, one-piece kitchen designed by Dutch architect Wiel Arets, as a single, sculptural object. The piece has minimal lines, rounded edges and corners; none of the joints are visible. As Alberto Alessi explains, the typical features of Wiel Arets’s design approach are firmly in evidence:

…the tendency for the parts to be regular, without however being minimalist in a reductive sense, the inclusion of a high level of intellectual complexity, but also tangibility and formal simplicity, enable him to produce extremely refined results.

I love how beautiful the kitchen looks from every angle. It can be put in the middle of the room and make a statement. The piece comes in three versions: an island version, an island version with two additional columns, and a wall version, which can be altered and personalised to fit the requirements of supply requests in the contract sector.

Watch the interview with Wiel Arets for more insight about the design.

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