Extenso Wine Bottle


As it is expected, the label printed on a wine bottle represents the persona of the winery, so it’s no surprise to find brand identities based on traditional and rustic ornamentations. Taking the concept in the opposite direction for Carchelo Wines, designer Eduardo del Fraile created a double-feature concept showcasing the bottle in a modern light and yet another outer shell representing what Extenso is about.

Extenso, as the name implies, extends the experience far beyond your run-of-the-mill disposable wine bottle, enhanced by housing the product in an exquisite box. Sporting a stylish black and white matte finish, the first Magnum bottle holds an impressive design by itself; the simple logo with bare typography brings a freshness and timelessness not often found in wines. The outer bottle continues the trend, this time around inverting the colors; made from ultra light wood and silkscreen printing and paint, the end result is extraordinary.

There’s a great deal of personality to find in a minimalist concept such as Extenso. For those lucky enough to get hold of one of the 600 limited edition units, it’s an opportunity to embellish any room with a sculptural piece. Stupendous design.

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