Olguín House


Located in a low-key street of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, México, a striking white brick wall welcomes all visitors to an unusual dwelling in its neighbourhood. As each adjacent house fits the classic standards, Abraham Cota Paredes' creation starts off with a simple role reversal, as the often support role of the brick divider is given visual protagonist. Moreover, that is only the first element of surprise from this minimalist abode.

Olgúin House manipulates perception in various elements, making it an original concept with the bonus of the reductionism and simplicity we came to expect from the award-winning architects. The house it turned on its side, continuing its theme of unfamiliar decisions as the garden charmingly integrates inside. A row of beautiful trees sets the rhythm, just a tad besides the high tower sporting double height. A central visual element such as this imprint a much important breadth and distinctiveness.

The 135sqm project makes the most of the height variation throughout, with geometric divisions in all areas. From explicitly narrow passages to ample ceilings, this project encounters solace in white colour throughout. Until an expressive dose of purple and blue tones invades handpicked walls and interior design pieces for warmth.

Abraham Cota Paredes continues its exercise to invigorate minimalism with a unique twist for Mexican architecture.

Photography by César Béjar.

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