Villa V3


Scandinavian design is a movement defined by its simple functionality. Villa V3, located in Denmark, is a gorgeous example of Scandinavian design's presence today. Clean lines, accessible materials, and a great flow of space turn this residence into the ideal modern dwelling.

Architecture firm Ardess meticulously designed Villa V3 to achieve the perfect balance of private and public space. The four levels of the home are arranged to provide open space in the common areas and tuck away the more intimate rooms. The front exterior features windows carefully placed high on the façade; they provide natural light while enhancing the home's privacy. In the back, however, large panes of glass and outdoor terraces embrace a small garden.

Concrete features prevalently in the interior, contrasted with a splash of timber here and there. The palette is an array of grey shades; the dark richness of these tones beautifully juxtapose the blues and greens of the landscape. Nothing about Villa V3 is fancy or exotic, just functional materials arranged thoughtfully.

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