Classic Neu


How does one improve on a classic? AÃRK Collective have bravely, boldly, and quite successfully, done so with their Classic Neu timepiece. A reiteration on the original Classic Premium, from 2014 vintage, the core aesthetic influenced by geometry and clean lines, the new design offers an overall slimmer profile, together with a higher emphasis on minimal nature of the hands. Although available in suggested band/face colour combinations, the option to customise the piece, from their available alternate calf-leather bands, allows for increased individuality.

Made from 316L stainless steel, this classic is intended to stay as such, and is designed to withstand hard knocks and the inevitable potential demise of everyday use. Combining Swiss precision and Japanese design principles, this Melbourne design brainchild is creatively and innovatively forging their curated collection of considered, minimal and wearable timepieces for any discerning wearer. This piece fits clearly, and firmly amongst their beautifully minimalist collection.

Through careful collaboration with photographer James Lacroix, Classic Neu takes a life of its own on, and is given the spotlight it so beautifully is deserving of. Showcased in all its glory, the design, the technology and innovation of this expertly curated piece, is allowed to flourish through imagery. A classic to customise and to own for a very classic amount of time, the Classic Neu is a beautiful adornment.

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