De la Roche Residence


Located in, the ever flourishing, city of Montreal is De la Roche Residence. A custom-made house to accommodate a couple with two young children in what used to be an old-timey duplex. The architects _naturehumaine were the responsible party for the elegant new aesthetics, a true case study on how to apply a minimalist sensibility to a contemporary Canadian dwelling.

The main argument is the undeniably concise main room on the ground floor—offering a curious array of visual elements based on four colours: the ever reliable white, black, and grey elements for height and natural wood for a softer touch. An angular volume stands mighty over the main room as a bridge to the main garden, bringing a welcome dynamic element to the space.

One of the true protagonists of the residence is the gorgeous stairs as a central piece—bathed in sunlight from the skylight directly above it. The steps are made from noble white marble, thus guaranteeing extra texture; and Russian plywood brings forth the wooden landing towards the family room.

The architects managed to instil a minimalist atmosphere through visual cues and the ever-reliable white cube structure as a starting point. Trés bien!

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