Jil Sander Fall 17


The epic novel Independent People by Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness is an unexpected source of inspiration for a fashion endeavour, as is a perfect fit for the development of garments fitting for the fall, a season known for its muted colours and understated beauty. Jil Sander marches on with her exceptional brand of minimalism, mixing unexpected cuts with archetypal pieces.

The novel in question is an allegory about self-reliance and the harsh reality of settling in an inhospitable landscape, such as Iceland. The collection explores the concept of shelter openly, the need to protect oneself from punishing conditions. Four main themes are explored through a rich perspective: Solid Ground, Disgregation, Neo-Brutalism and Zen. As each facet is part of a complex scenario, it is no wonder each piece shows surprising depth and variance.

Each outerwear carries a distinctive feel, from grim attires to dynamic cuts in smaller jackets; waistcoats and oversized suits display raw fabrics with pride. The collection mimics the severe landscape of the northern island, from the restful glaciers to the relentless lava. The interconnected hint is definitely the massive volumes.

Austerity is often used as the main adjective for minimalist fashion, but few creators truly understand the endless potential and richness behind such an intricate concept.

Photography courtesy of Vogue.

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