Spanish architect Adolfo Pérez was commissioned to design a private residence in the Vistahermosa Residential Area in El Puerto de Santa María, in the South of Spain. STAR 18 BE is a home divided in two parts, built as two semi-detached houses, conditioned by the long and narrow plot that introduces a number of challenges. The municipal regulation forced the architect to set back the façade with respect to the street and neighbouring properties, which introduced certain limitations.

It's precisely these kind of parameters and requirements that gives an architect an opportunity to really shows their talent, and Adolfo Pérez did this—superbly. Talking about the project, he comments:

The construction is suggested as “Il Pecile” in Hadrian’s Villa, that is to say a big white wall that goes over the plot and distributes the different uses of the building. It is a long wall with a narrow bay. This wall divides the area in two parts. One of them is the area with the garden and the other one is the building. The “Pecile” is a big white blank wall with a hole which connects with the living room and the public rooms of the building.

Photography by Fernando Alda.

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