For a long time it seemed like upcycling and minimalist aesthetics would never meet. But endeavours like Constance-based accessory label upcraft show that the alliance of both is sometimes easier than expected. Choosing a range of products everyone needs and silhouettes that are familiar to all of us, Sabine Kohloeffel and Michael Speichert created a range of simple but versatile bags. Using high quality surplus materials from different industries they came up with colour and structure combinations that would match any style.

Additionally, they offer a service called update your wardrobe. It allows you to send your favourite garments to have them used for one of the bag designs available in the upcraft range. If your wardrobe is pretty minimalist anyway, this is a perfect chance to keep your beloved clothing around even longer.

What was once your favourite pair of jeans will now find a new purpose in our special feature… As a result you will have your very own, unique upcraft bag.

The design of upcraft bags is not only pleasant but also a good example of the paradigm that solutions to difficult problems quite often work best if they look pretty simple from the outside.

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