Kamitemma Taikodai Branding

graphic design

Yuta Takahashi is an art director and designer based in Japan. He recently carried out the visual design for a traditional festival in Shikoku where a crowd of over 100 people carry a gold ornamented taikodai weighing around 2 tons through the streets of the town. 2016 marked a special year for the ceremony as for the first time in 20 years the taiko drum, believed to house the spirit of the festival, was to be replaced. He was therefore commissioned to make a design in keeping with this auspicious occasion.

Takahashi sets about analysing the materials necessary to construct the drum, paying particular attention to the rivets which would be essential for the drum's structure.

For the calligraphy, he borrowed the energy and passion of young calligraphy artist, Mami, whose work has been celebrated both in Japan and abroad.

Imabari towels are a luxury gift item produced in the region, which have become a byword for high-grade towels. Using traditional Japanese kiribako paulownia boxes, Takahashi created a novel, minimalist packaging design that synthesises tradition and innovation.

I love this work. It's a perfect balance between craftsmanship, traditional culture and modernity, aiming to innovate traditional Japanese culture using modern design.

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