Clip Chair

Words by Carl MH Barenbrug

Clip Chair by Nendo

A chair that holds the cushion in place by sliding it between the arms and the extended legs, like a paper clip. Designed by Japanese studio Nendo, led by prolific designer Oki Sato, in collaboration with Richard Bone, Clip is minimal in form and versatile. The magnetic seat cushions are removable to enjoy easy customisation by adding or removing seat/back cushions and the combination of fabrics and colours.

Clip Chair by Nendo
Clip Chair by Nendo

I think design should be friendly, and that’s why I sometimes add a little humour or something akin to a ‘spice’ to my designs. It makes them more accessible to people.

The collection, made from powder-coated steel, includes two designs: a small side chair and a more spacious lounge chair. Clip was designed for home interior lifestyle brand Zens.

Clip Chair by Nendo
Clip Chair by Nendo

Oki Sato, the self-proclaimed spinning-top of Nendo, sees design as a means to engage in the form of dance with our endless human curiosities. His brave and unwavering view of the world as a beautiful thing, a place of balance beyond the physical, stems from his shared Japanese and Canadian heritage. Since establishing the Nendo studio in Tokyo in 2002, Sato has continued his quest for exploration in all aspects of design in his own quirky and nuanced way.

Clip Chair by Nendo
Clip Chair by Nendo
Clip Chair by Nendo
Clip Chair by Nendo
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