Connected Magazine


Connected Magazine is a new contemporary fashion magazine that has just launched its first issue. As the brainchild of Nani Lim and Pontus Samuel, the magazine started of as a school project and evolved into a platform for the Stockholm-based duo to express their identical love for photography, fashion and design; a platform that celebrates the motivation of good design instead of mere current trends:

There is a very one dimensional look on fashion today, which is basically "buy! buy! buy!", and we felt that the function behind clothes sort of got lost in translation.

The style of minimalism is the tool that is used to express their aesthetic and visual language both in the design of the magazine as well as the articles they feature. The images exude an appealing simplicity and the styling of the editorials are of a minimalistic elegance. The magazine communicates the team's personal tastes and inspiration to their audience. I love the fact that it is so personal and shared in such a beautifully crafted and designed publication, which makes this project more meaningful. As the editor Nani Lim so eloquently sums up:

Most of our inspiration comes from meeting creative people and the interaction between us. We like to explore new things and inspiration for us can strike at any time. It can be everything from a piece of fabric to a new season.The magazine is in a sense the common ground/space/room that creates the connection between us and the readers, therefor the name Connected.

Thank you Nani and her team for sharing the words and images for this feature.

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