Raven FG 2.0


ARKK Copenhagen’s Raven FG 2.0 latest edition sneakers are a thing of industrial-design joy. The detailed nuanced elements, with the pared-back minimal colour palette and unique detailing. The new edition features innovated elements of materiality, for optimized movement and fit. Additional details in colouring, and sole detailing on the outsole add an element of individuality. Coveted as one of ARKK’s all-time favourites, the concept for this model is based on strong Nordic roots, where silhouettes and a sense of relief from the grind of the everyday is at the forefront of all design, and the way style is manifested.

Based on Copenhagen, ARKK Copenhagen was founded by two Danish design enthusiasts with a combined passion for streetwear and elevated design. Designed and made in the same place, a rarity of its own proportions, these visual delights are designed to be subtle and dusty to support an organised human feeling that is the essence of life itself. Designed to provide a unqiue and customized fit through its dexterity and elasticized properties, this streetwear piece is bringing the sneaker to the next level. Available in four colourways of midnight, dark grey spray, black and soft pink, these androgynous beauties are a must. Minimally simplifying and enhancing life, Raven FG 2.0 is raising the platform.

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