Usine Restaurant


Measuring a grand 2,000m2, Usine Restaurant brings an impressive presence to Stockholm’s energetic Södermalm neighbourhood. Consequently, the architect in charge must have plenty of confidence to tackle such an endeavour. Enter renowned designer Richard Lindvall; known for his award winning restaurants and forward thinking smaller scale projects rooted in minimalism.

The main visual aesthetic is evident at a glance, as industrial materials set in with undeniable minimalism. Metal structures were customised to fit the restaurant, as well as all the furniture—as the architect scavenged for rare pieces in auction houses all over the world. Each piece brings interesting and dynamic qualities to the restaurant, and that is welcome considering it houses different services in one place. Such as the Restaurant Bistro 38, the Bar Poche 36, the take-away section, the main reception desk, and conference spaces.

The burnt cement unifies all spaces, as black metal arrangements and wood are found throughout. Some archetypal industrial elements are placed alongside more theatrical pieces—restrained in quantity and symmetrical in quality. Among the many handpicked objects, the artworks on the walls presents the architect’s ability to retain austereness even alongside expressive art. A collaboration with photographer Johan Annerfelt bestows portraits throughout.

Usine Restaurant is a novel and fresh space for the Nordic business landscape, as the large scale brings forth different sensibilities to the stage. A true showcase of cosmopolitan qualities perfectly upgraded by a minimalist setting, it is not an easy feat to tackle worldwide influences and still deliver a cohesive business venture.

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