Skin Thermos

industrial design

Javier Moreno Studio’s Skin Thermos is a beautifully minimal hydration accessory. Conceived in 2010 as a prototype, and later published in 2011, the Skin Thermos is a silicon covered flask for the transportation of liquid. Designed with the subtleties of a curated mind, the piece is intended to have a skin-textured look and feel, imitating that of a fingerprint and its unique language. Graphically this creates a series of formed lines, with a muted tactility.

Based in Alicante, Spain, Javier Moreno Studio is an ideas hub where design should be something that matters. The emphasis of the studio is on reconnecting the end-user to the materiality of the objects and materials that help support and enable their everyday lives. Their design ethos is centred around making that connection more visible, but in a minimal way. Skin Thermos is the result of said thinking, and a beautifully minimal one at that.

Imagery courtesy of Javier Moreno Studio.

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