Infinite Line

Design + Photography

With advances in materials and finishings, furniture has become more haptic and matte surfaces are now the most preferred mainly due to their look and feel. None more so than matte black. During our research we found no better example of this than Relvāokellermann’s exceptionally sleek Infinite Line design.

Samsung and Relvāokellermann teamed up for the development of Samsung’s new main line build-in oven. The Infinite Line dual cook oven collection is designed for a better integration within furniture and simultaneously offers an exceptional user experience.

Led by duo Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann, the multidisciplinary Munich-based studio explain the concept behind the design:

We believe there’s the need to find new ways of innovation, not only centred around technology but more towards culture and behavioural changes in society. Together with Samsung we had the task design a build-in oven. How does an oven fit into interior architecture nowadays?

The fact the kitchen and the living room separation disappeared is a consequence caused by different drivers, like mass urbanisation and the lack of space in big cities. Addressing this contemporary issue, we designed an oven which fits harmoniously into the living environment. The Dual Cook Steam oven is the highlight of Samsung’s new Infinite Line.

With consideration of the design details, it was important to come up with a solution where the perfect clear glass reflection would disappear. By reducing the size of the window without compromising the user‘s view while cooking and adding a satin finish to the door’s surface, it was possible to design an oven which performs exceptionally while in use, but merges seamlessly with its surroundings when not in use.

The simple, sleek, and sophisticated design of Infinite Line doesn’t stop with the form. The other crucial point is the user interaction with the appliance. There is nothing more frustrating than a complicated digital interface when what someone really needs is to simply perform a task with as little complication and friction as possible. With this in mind, Samsung and Relvāokellermann ensured the interaction with the oven is highly intuitive. Its protruded knob is the centre for all actions, supported by a matte touch screen where simple instruction can be followed. All interaction points are aligned into a control panel, almost like a cockpit, underlining the area from which a user controls the appliance.

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