Tribal DDB Office


This beauty of an office was created by i29 architects for Tribal DDB Amsterdam, a digital marketing agency of approximately 80 people. And as it often happens with the creative workspaces - there were many contradictory aspects to consider. The space needed to be open enough to support collaborative exchange, yet quiet enough to provide privacy and allow concentration. The design had to be cool and playful, yet serious and professional at the same time. The solution came in the use of fabric.

Designers explain:

It is playful, and can make a powerful image on a conceptual level, it is perfect for absorbing sound and therefore it creates privacy in an open space. There is probably no other material which can be used on floors, ceiling, walls and to create pieces of furniture and lampshades then felt. It’s also durable, acoustic, fireproof and environment friendly.

Felt also adds texture, balances out the monochromatic color scheme, and creates surfaces that are pleasant to the touch. It is amazing how many design questions can be answered with one well though out gesture.

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