La Débraillée


Everyone prone to an urban lifestyle knows that moment right before leaving the house: You choose your ensemble for the day. An outfit that looks classy, but will also handle any sudden change of weather. Then there is the choice of luggage. Will you carry around your whole office all day? Or do you only need to pack phone and wallet? No matter how well you plan, at a certain point you will have to adapt to an unexpected situation at hand.

It seems like Paris based product designer Alice Rosignoli considered these moments when she created her minimalist line of leather handbags by the name of La Débraillée. Although this name refers to the French word for carelessness, it is obvious that Alice’s creations are developed and produced with great care. Maybe the adjective refers more to the situations in which the wearer causally makes use of the hidden functionality of La Débraillée bags, placing the no longer needed coat between the folds of a briefcase or nonchalantly pushing the pouch further up the arm when grabbing a coffee to go or buying a ticket for the train. These situations no longer require much of your attention and become effortless.

In any case, the wearer as well as the observer will be wowed by the immaculate look and feel of Italian black nappa leather, as well as the smart design that doesn’t exhibit its functionality at first glance, but instead emphasises the chic appearance one wants to keep up all day.

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