Melbourne-based photographer Ray Ranoa's work is predominantly reductionist in style — simple backdrops, monochrome clothing, minimalist tailoring — yet they're often filled with tension. Be it in his models' facial expressions or body language, there is always something more to the misleadingly simple content of his photographs.

Ranoa has previously worked with menswear brand Blair Archibald to shoot their SS16 collection Yachtsman, and partnered again on the exclusive editorial collaboration Linear. The shoot features pieces from the Yachtsman collection and Max, a new model from Vivien's Models Melbourne.

In Linear, once again we see Ranoa's minimalist compositions, brought to life by the unusual shooting angles and compositions, and also his subject's irreverent poses, creating nearly geometrical shapes with his body and his own appropriation of the clothes.

Blair Archibald themselves are a contemporary menswear label investigating the relationship between soft tailoring, sports and workwear.

The focus is on practicality, adaptability and maintaining a coherent narrative through the collections. Each season is underpinned with a reference to different forms of geographical exploration integrated with subtle, modern detailing.

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