package design

Walking in the endless aisles of skincare products hails a small yellow flare in the middle of it all, like a flag waving for attention in the ocean. The devious distraction is as tasteful as can be, as Danish-brand Nuori makes it statement in retail; freshness is the main draw both visually and for its product quality control.

The minimalist shell holds a cruel twist though, as the beautiful packaging is a mere bait and must be shattered — albeit gently — to reveal the pure white product within. The simple typography holds another small sign to differentiate itself on counters, a subtle but important diagonal line behind it; making for a subdued and chic branding effort from the brand to, once again, hold its own ground. The collection is entirely white in all elements; as every feature was taken care of to be visually light, as it should be.

The freshness concept is no empty promise, as every product is guaranteed a freshly blended mixture every 12 weeks. As expected, the product holds two labels: a ‘start using date’ and an ‘expiry date’. Unlike many minimalist products that confuse reduction with misinformation, Nuori’s attention to detail in visual design and instruction is inspiring.

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