Pyla’s Autumn Winter 2016 Collection is a curation of classic lines and primary shapes. The materiality of the line of necklaces is based on a purposed ability of the wearer and owner’s own interpretation of their own style. The adornment acts as that, to adorn; not to over empower. Designed with a duration in mind, a lineage of time not being an influencer of fashion staples, this collection sees overly emphasised shapes, raw materials and form and lines themselves that last beyond their time.

Headed up by Silvia Zoppellari, the design studio is based between Rome and Paris, where she draws the main source of inspiration. Significantly from the natural undulation of her Italian neighbouring terrain, Silvia sees bigger shapes and form arising around her. These pieces are effortless, everlasting and definitive in so many ways. Their multifaceted ability to bridge styles and remain statement pieces is a rarity, and an asset to the brand. One to watch for sure.

Photography by Andrea D’Elia and Nicoletta Branco.

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