industrial design

Although 3D printing is fairly controversial within the design fields regarding ethical accessibility, autonomic aesthetic, and political boundaries, one cannot argue that it has revolutionised the industry in many different ways. OTHR, as the leading 3D printed design brand, is spearheading with its bi-weekly collaborations in product designs that are simple yet elaborated.

The first week of April brings us Cloth, a multifunctional form by Luca Nichetto. The name is a romantic gift to its curvy symmetry and seamlessness, acting as a porcelain cloth [that drapes] around the liquid it dispenses. By fusing the body and the spout of a jug using 3D technologies, the designer was able to put out a functional abstraction that can be used as an oil jug, creamer, or even soy sauce dispenser. Perhaps the most beautiful part of Cloth is the suspensive deliverance from the tilts of two hollow cylindrical volumes. The drape of black ceramic tightens the container and the spout into a minimal complexity—almost like a perfect marriage.

The balance that Nichetto achieved while designing this form is a beauty on its own. At every angle, it shape-shifts into different entities while remaining its humble origin. This brilliant possibility is a result of advanced technology and while there are many doubts surrounding this digital age, we should learn how to embrace it with critical approaches.

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