Acne Studios in Seoul


The vibrant Hallyu is a sight to behold. The wave of South-Korean culture is a mix of media and artistic expression that leaves no room for doubting about the country’s potential as trendsetter. As a result, it is no surprise that Acne Studios chose Seoul as an additional home for a flagship store.

Wittingly designed by British architect Sophie Hicks, located in the Cheongdam District; a rounded cube made entirely of translucent polycarbonate panels, makes for a great solution to ensure proper and beautiful daylight and at night a potential lightbox for onlookers. Inside the boutique exudes a strong industrial identity, with evident columns, metal-clad tables and the ever-loved raw concrete.

Acne is a brand known for its eclectic demeanour, ranging from their diverse ready-to-wear collections, to their print publications, design pieces and art exhibits. It’s no wonder this flagship is more than prepared to host a wide variety of demands, all thanks to the strong minimalist imprint throughout. A true Embassy for the brand to display their distinctive content for an audience that has seen it all.

Photography by Annabel Elston.

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