Anicorn x Order


Anicorn are a Hong Kong-based independent watchmaker and design studio and introduce the second instalment of “The Trio of Time”—a remarkable new collaboration that brings together designers from three different parts of the world to create a watch that represents their unique take on time. Anicorn began this journey in Seoul alongside Korean designer Jiwoong Jung when they produced the hugely successful Hidden Time watch.

Now, Anicorn continue their journey in New York City and have partnered with graphic designers Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed to create a new minimalist offering called Order, named after the designers’ studio, based in Brooklyn.

The Order watch, currently available on Kickstarter, features hours with minimal elements where time is revealed by specific positioning of dots on the face. Hamish and Jesse explain:

When designing Order, we were interested in exploring how we could represent time in a simple, graphic form. As the face rotates and perforated dots reveal the hour indicated by an alignment with the frame, the wearer is able to conceive time as a series of ordered dots, multiplying as the day progresses, and allowing a new perception of time.
Anicorn will offer the watch in black, white, and red, with customisable straps available in white or black leather, utilising Anicorn’s smart docking system to interchange between styles. Each watch is unisex and is driven by a Swiss Ronda Caliber 515 Quartz Movement, a high grade and reliable jewelled model that allows for smooth spinning with great accuracy.

Backers will be able to own Order for the super early bird price of $140 USD. The backer community will also be able to vote on the third destination of the Trio of Time journey upon the campaign’s completion.

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