Cheshm Cheran


Located in the city of Minoodasht, in northern Iran, stands the beautiful and captivating dwelling down the slopes of a hill. Cheshm Cheran is the creation of ZAV Architects Studio, a local firm with the prerogative to showcase and create projects well adapted to the region’s particularities. The desert landscape may be harsh but it is very much a perfect context to explore unusual building formats and to celebrate the gorgeous scenery from all directions.

A strong minimalist aesthetic brings forth geometry and amplitude as key elements, as the cube-like residence stands tall after two gorgeous flights of stairs. The façade benefits from modish angles, especially the windows set to offer panoramic views from all sides. Additionally, the architects smartly introduced a few select circulation vents, doubling up as geometric ornaments. The shadow play during the daytime offers a dynamic element to what could have been purely austere.

As one may explore the house, additional artifices are found, such as clusters of black marble cubes as sculptural features, an elongated pool offering some oasis-like quality and, finally, plenty of ample rooms in all parts of the dwelling. All in all, this is a vibrant exercise in bespoke architecture perfectly capturing the spirit of the surrounding landscape.

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